Dream Pretty Cure Rainbow Town in package

The Cure Dolls (キュアドール Kyua Dooru?) have their own Dollhouses & Playsets , and here is a list of them. Houses ares usually longer than Cure Dolls. Playsets ares some times shorter. All houses and playsets are released by BANDAI and copyrighted by ABC Toei Animation.

Now there are released four Dollhouses and three Playsets. The Cures from Yes! Pretty Cure 5, Fresh Pretty Cure!, and Smile Pretty Cure! haves their own Dollhouses. BANDAI released an All Stars Dollhouse, named Dream Pretty Cure Rainbow Town in spring 2011. It needs batteries for use. Yes! Pretty Cure 5! & Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! dolls haves Playsets, they are plastic bags, and when they are open, they're Playsets. Heartcatch Pretty Cure! haves Playset too, named Shop Fairy Drop. When you put Doll to in it, it changes paper Suit in front of her (Suits are not real,they are paper). It needs batteries.



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