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Cure Ange
キュアアンジェ Kyua Anje
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
AgeOver 400 years old
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlonde Yellow
First AppearanceHeartcatch Pretty Cure!: Hana no Miyako de Fashion Show... Desu ka!?
Alter EgoCure Ange
Theme ColorWhite

Cure Ange (キュアアンジェ Kyua Anje?) is a mysterious and the very first Pretty Cure in the Heartcatch Pretty Cure Universe. Cure Ange is mentioned in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!: Hana no Miyako de Fashion Show... Desu ka!?, and has blonde hair, green eyes and different clothing than the rest of the Cures. She also carries a staff and is predicted to be much more powerful than the current Pretty Cures.


No one knows the true identity of Cure Ange nor where she came from. But she is somehow related with the Tree of Hearts, the Pretty Cure Palace's creation and the creation of the Heartcatch Mirage. But there are several mentions about her during the movie, especially by Baron Salamander. During the scene with Cure Moonlight, he said that Cure Ange is the one who sealed him 400 years ago.



  • Cure Ange may have been the first Cure to protect the Great Tree of Hearts, though not the first Cure in general, because Cure Empress, Cure Magician and Cure Priestess from Doki Doki Pretty Cure were fighting 10, 000 years ago.
  • Cure Ange's armor may have been inspired by the Valkyries in Norse Myth.
  • A red rose is seen on Cure Ange's outfit, same as Cure Moonlight. In the Language of Flowers, the Red Rose symbolizes Love, which is speculated to be Cure Ange's theme flower.
  • Cure Ange has several things in common with Cure Echo since both are movie-exclusive Cures and their theme color is white.
  • Cure Ange might be the first Cure to wear armor over her dress.
  • Ange is french for Angel, meaning, that she is third Cure to have non-English name, after Cure Rouge and Cure Aqua, followed by Cure Rosetta. Also second to have French name after Cure Rouge.
  • She shares her name with Princess Marie Ange.

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