Cure Dream performs, "Crystal Shoot".

Crystal Shoot (クリスタルシュート Kurisutaru Shūto?) is Cure Dream's upgrade from Dream Attack in episode 25 of Yes! Pretty Cure 5.

Unlike all the other girls' upgraded attacks, this looks completely different from its original. It requires the Dream Torch to be used.


The light from Cure Dream's butterfly bow shines, whereas the light follows her left arm. When it has reached her fingertips, the Dream Torch appears. Using this, she first spins around, surrounded by fragments of pink light, before pointing it at the enemy. When doing so, the Dream Torch shoots out a wave of pink crystals. The light only follows her right arm if Pretty Cure are going to do Five Explosion.



Cure Dream: 夢見る乙女の底力、受けてみなさい!プリキュア・クリスタルシュート!


Cure Dream: Yumemiru otome no sokojikara, uketeminasai! Purikyua Kurisutaru Shūto!


Cure Dream: The potential of a young girl's dreams, take this! Pretty Cure Crystal Shoot!


  • This is the first attack to have the word "Crystal", as well as the word "Shoot".
  • Among the five upgraded attacks (Crystal Shoot, Rouge Burning, Lemonade Shining, Mint Shield, Aqua Tornado), this is the only attack to be completely different from the original.
  • Among the five attacks again, this is the only one not to consist of the user's name.




Pretty Cure Crystal Shoot00:36

Pretty Cure Crystal Shoot

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