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The Crystal Princess Rods (クリスタルプリンセスロッド Kurisutaru Purinsesu Roddo?) are devices in Go! Princess Pretty Cure that are used by the Cures to perform their attacks Trinity Lumiere, Trinity Explosion as well as Cure Flora, Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle's upgraded attacks. The Crystal Princess Rods were given to the Cures by Prince Kanata during their battle with Close. They can be used with Dress Up Keys to perform attacks. They are destroyed by Lock in episode 48, though they have appeared to have been restored in episode 50.

Main Uses

When performing Trinity Lumiere, Cure Flora's rod uses the Rose Key, Cure Mermaid's rod uses the Ice Key, and Cure Twinkle's Rod uses the Luna Key.

When performing Trinity Explosion, Cure Flora's rod uses the Lily Key, Cure Mermaid's rod uses the Bubble Key and Cure Twinkle's rod uses the Shooting Star Key.

Cure Flora uses the Rose Key for performing Rose Tourbillon and the Lily Key for Lys Tourbillon.

Cure Mermaid uses the Ice Key for performing Frozen Ripple and the Bubble Key for Bubble Ripple.

Cure Twinkle uses the Luna Key for performing Full Moon Humming and the Shooting Star Key for Meteor Humming.

In episode 48, the rods were destroyed, but the remnants of them helped free the students at Noble Academy. In the next episode, those shards turned into small keys for them, representing the power of their dreams and they are used to help heal the Cures and guide them toward the gates so they can gain their Grand Princess forms.


A glass rod with designs etched into it. At the bottom is a flowery shape with two gold hearts resting in the center, above a thin gold band. Attached to it is a lined bar where the hand rests with another shape on the bottom, attached with a gold band and a white sphere. On the top of the wand is a white heart lined in gold, on top of a thin gold band. The white area has designs on it, and in the center is a magenta gem heart lined in gold. The very top of the wand resembles a gold tiara with a pale pink gem heart in the middle.

When active, a pair of white wing-like additions protrude from the sides of the large heart on top. The glass section of the wand will glow a color similar to the Dress Up Key inserted on the top.



  • Cure Scarlet is the only Cure in the team who doesn't use the Crystal Princess Rod, instead, she uses the Scarlet Violin.
  • It's shown in episode 39 that any Cure can use their teammate's own Crystal Princess Rod as shown when Flora's rod was knocked away by Stop and Freeze, Twinkle and Mermaid lend theirs to her.
  • After they broke, remnants of the rods took the shape of keys that gave the Cures strength and allowed them to become Grand Princesses.


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