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忠太郎 Chutarou
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorGold
Home PlaceGarden of Rainbows
First AppearanceFwPC01
Japanese Voice ActorOkiayu Ryotaro

Chuutaro (忠太郎 Chutarou?) is Yukishiro Honoka and her grandma Yukishiro Sanae's pet dog.


He first appears when Honoka comes home one day. As he starts acting weird, Honoka follows him as he goes inside one of the buildings. There, she sees a shining box in which she finds a strange cell phone object with a set of cards.

Chuutaro appears in another episode, asking Honoka for food, more times than he usually does. After he leaves with his food bowl, Nagisa and Honoka follow him, only to discover that Chuutaro had found a lost puppy that he had been trying to feed. Nagisa states that Chuutaro gave birth, as Honoka replies and tells her that Chuutaro is a boy. In this episode, however, Chuutaro and the puppy communicate like humans, only through dog talk. While Nagisa and Honoka try to find the puppy's owner, they come across a Zakenna. After they finish battling, Chuutaro appears and discovers that Honoka is a Pretty Cure.


Chuutaro has golden colored fur, as he is a golden retriver, and dark brown eyes. He obviously isn't a young dog, probably between the age of 6-10.


  • Yukishiro Honoka - His owner, she gives him food and cares about him, he knows that Honoka is a Pretty Cure.
  • Yukishiro Sanae - Honoka's grandmother, she also cares about him.


  • He is the first dog to be a golden retriever, the second one is in the season Fresh Pretty Cure! and her name is Lucky.
  • He is the first pet to be owned by a Cure, the second being Korone, who is owned by Hyuuga Saki, and the third being Maro, who is owned by Aida Mana.
    • He is the first pet dog to appear in the franchise.
    • He is the first pet dog to be owned by a Pretty Cure, followed by Maro.
  • Chuutaro shares the same voice actor with Mucardia.




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