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The school's entrance


Christian Private White Clover Academy is Yamabuki Inori's school from Fresh Pretty Cure!. From the name, this implies it is a private school for Christians. It is the first of its type to appear in the entire Pretty Cure Franchise.


A dull gold blazer with brown lapel and cuff lined in green to match the brown checkered pleat skirt. The white shirt worn beneath it includes an emerald bow. Comes with brown loafers and a pair of dark, dull emerald socks below the knee.

During summer the blazer is omited and the white shirt has short sleeves with an orange v-neck sweater.

School Grounds

The school is not oftenly seen. But from episodes the school is quite large. There is also a big courtyard and a reflection room where students can pray in private.

Notable Students

Futari wa
(Max Heart)
Verone Academy
Splash Star Yuunagi Middle School
Yes! 5
L'École des Cinq Lumières
Fresh! Public Yotsuba Junior High SchoolPrivate Torigoe AcademyChristian Private White Clover Academy
Heartcatch! Myoudou Academy
Suite♪ Private Aria AcademyMunicipal Kanon Elementary School
Smile! Nanairogaoka Middle School
Doki Doki! Oogai First Middle SchoolNanatsubashi Academy
Happiness Charge! Pikarigaoka Middle School
Go! Princess Noble Academy
Mahou Tsukai! Magic SchoolTsunagi First Middle School

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