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チョッピ Choppi
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorWhite
Home PlaceLand of Fountains
First AppearanceFwPCSS01
Theme ColorYellow
Japanese Voice ActorMatsuki Miyu

Choppy (チョッピ Choppi?) is the bird spirit that allows Mishou Mai to transform into Cure Egret and later channels Foop's power of the wind, allowing her to transform into Cure Windy. Choppy looks very similar to Mipple, but is lighter in color and has curled ears and butterfly shaped tail.

She always ends her sentences with "-chopi".


Choppy is pale yellow with light pink markings and bright blue-purple eyes with a pink necklace around her neck with a small aqua/teal orb. Her markings are pink being a butterfly and the eye markings also being often used heart marks. Her ears are long and droop to the ground and she also has a butterfly shaped tail


In the first episode, Mishou Mai goes to the Sky Tree and bumps into Hyuuga Saki, and they see two floating lights which bump into them and turn into Flappy and Choppy. The fairies inform the duo that they must become Pretty Cure, and scolds them for not remembering that they all met five years ago in front of the same tree. Karehan then shows up, and Flappy and Choppy try to fight him alone, but cannot beat him and nearly get captured. To protect them, Saki and Mai become Pretty Cure and defeat Karehan.


  • Flappy - Although Flappy has a big crush on Choppy, she is oblivious to it, but she seems to be on good terms with her fellow mascot.
  • Mishou Mai - In the series, she lives with Mai and they get along very well. Mai only seems to get mad at her once when she breaks Mai's mother's clay figurine.


Choppy's voice actor, Matsuki Miyu, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices.


  • The marking on Choppy's forehead looks similar to a butterfly, or a clover.
  • Choppy, along with Flappy, are the second mascots who have a shape at the end of their tail. For Choppy, being a butterfly, or a clover, similar to the marking on her forehead.
  • As of October 27, 2015, Choppy is the first and currently the only mascot to be voiced by a deceased voice actress.
    • Choppy is the second character to be voiced by a deceased seiyu. The first was Hojo Dan, whose seiyu Tomoyuki Dan died on October 10, 2013.


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