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Chinen Miyuki
知念ミユキ Chinen Miyuki
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorYellow
Hair ColorPink
RelativesChinen Daisuke (brother)
First AppearanceFPC01
Theme ColorHot Pink
Japanese Voice ActorIizuka Mayumi

Chinen Miyuki (知念ミユキ Chinen Miyuki?) is Trinity's leader, and Love's group dance coach. Love absolutely admires her.


She has magenta hair which is held up by a red hair tie, yellow eyes and normally wears red.


Upon being saved in the first episode, Miyuki becomes Love's dance teacher. She mostly takes a minor role until the girls are discharged from the hospital following a hard fight. The girls let her in on their double life as they believe she is the fourth Cure until it is discovered that Setsuna is the real fourth Cure. At a point in the series, she had enough of the girls' being late and stops teaching them. In the same episode, Love discovers Daisuke is her younger brother and at the same time, Miyuki forgives them and she resumes teaching the girls.


  • In the later Pretty Cure series Smile Pretty Cure!, the main character shares the name with Hoshizora Miyuki, a Pretty Cure.
    • Coincidentally, in the Pretty Cure All Star New Stage movie, Miyuki (Chinen) makes a brief cameo in one scene.  In the scene, she appears leaning against a wall while the other Miyuki (Cure Happy) is chasing Ayumi (Cure Echo) out of a shopping center.
  • As she appears to dance You make me happy! as a song, later she changes it and teaches the girls how to dance H@ppy Together!!.
  • Miyuki has the same voice actress as Cure Empress and Odajima Yuka.


Miyuki's voice actor, Iizuka Mayumi, has provided a duet song with Oki Kanae, who voices Momozono Love, Kitamura Eri, who voices Aono Miki, Nakagawa Akiko, who voices Yamabuki Inori, and Komatsu Yuka, who voices Higashi Setsuna.

  • Dreaming Flowers  (Along with Oki Kanae, Kitamura Eri, Nakagawa Akiko, and Komatsu Yuka)




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