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千香 Chika
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBrown
First AppearanceFPC18
Japanese Voice ActorAmano Yuri

Chika (千香 Chika?) is a Pretty Cure fan who is sick and needs to go under operation, but is very afraid of it.



Chika is a young girl with fair skin and short, very dark purple hair with a small flip on the end. She has red eyes and was depicted in a pale red-peach and pale yellow pair of pajamas with pink slippers.


Chika seems to enjoy making bracelets as a hobby.


When Miki's brother is in the hospital, the girls go visit him and end up meeting her, and she tells them she dreams of meeting the Cures. She grows attached to Chiffon to the point of discovering her magical powers, though Chika only thinks that Chiffon is a teddy bear due to the costume she wears throughout the episode.

Just before she goes under operation, she receives a visit from the actual cures, and becomes brave enough to confront her problem.


  • She is one of the only few minor characters to know about Chiffon's abilities.
  • It is never fully explained why Chika needed surgery.
  • She bears a strong resemblance to Higashi Setsuna, also known as the fourth Pretty Cure, Cure Passion. Both, Chika and Setsuna have medium long, dark purple hair, pale skin and red eyes; additionally, Chika wears pale red pajamas, fitting to Setsuna's color scheme.
  • The device she uses to make bracelets is very similar to Yes! Pretty Cure 5's device.


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