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館長 Kanchō
SeasonYes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorDark Blonde
Home PlaceEternal
First AppearanceYPC5GG11
Japanese Voice ActorChiba Shigeru

Boss (館長 Kanchō?) is the leader of Eternal, intending to gain eternal life by finding the keys to Cure Rose Garden and take over the worlds adding everything of value to his collection. He is almost always thinking of Flora much to Anacondy's displeasure. He sits in a levitating mechanical throne for most of the series, though he can walk on his own and even fly without it.


He has some sort of history with Flora. In the past, he once got in to the Cure Rose Garden where he met Flora and fell in love with her. But then she locked/sealed the gates/entrance and hid the garden where no one and Eternal would ever find it and they stopped communicating with him. Wanting the garden and her, he rushes his employees to get it from the Pretty Cures. 


At first, he develops feelings towards Flora politely, later, he was banished by Flora and told never to return. This caused him to become power hungry, ruthless and evil.


He is a tall man wearing a maroon cloak over black robes and wears a silver helm on his head with long dark blonde hair.





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