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Blue Happy Shoot (ブルーハッピーシュート Burū Happī Shūto?) is Cure Princess' first finisher, first used in episode 2. In order to use this attack, she needs the LovePreBrace.



Cure Princess: 勇気の光を聖なる力に、ラブプリブレス!
Cure Princess: プリキュア、 ブルーハッピーシュート!
Cure Princess: 勇気よ、天に帰れ!


Cure Princess: Yuuki no hikari wo seinaru chikara e, RabuPuriBuresu!
Cure Princess: Purikyua, Burū Happī Shūto!
Cure Princess: Yūki o, ten ni kaere!


Cure Princess: Light of courage become holy might, LovePreBrace!
Cure Princess: Pretty Cure, Blue Happy Shoot!
Cure Princess: Courage, return to heavens!


  • This is the second attack with the word "Blue" in it, the first being Blue Forte Wave. It is also the third attack with the word "Happy" and the sixth with the word "Shoot."



Pretty Cure Blue Happy Shoot00:33

Pretty Cure Blue Happy Shoot

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