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Milky Rose summons a giant blue rose

Blizzard (ブリザード Burizādo?) is Milky Rose's signature attack halfway through Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and she uses the power of the blue rose to perform it. With the Milky Note and Milky Mirror, its upgraded version is Metal Blizzard.


Milky Rose will have to put together the pen on the Milky Palette and press on all the buttons to active the powers. After saying the incantation, she will point at the enemy with the device, and a giant blue rose appears before her, pointing the same way. After swinging the Milky Palette, the gesture makes the rose separate into numerous petals attacking the enemy. The latter is then surrounded by the petals, which together forms a even grander blue rose afterward. The blue rose then explodes.



Milky Rose: 邪悪な力をつつみこむ、バラの吹雪を咲かせましょう!ミルキィローズブリザード!


Milky Rose: Jaaku na chikara wo tsutsumikomu, bara no fubuki wo sakasemashou! Miruki Rōzu Burizādo!

Literal Translation

Milky Rose: The power of evil shall be engulfed in glittering roses! Milky Rose Blizzard!


Milky Rose Blizzard00:45

Milky Rose Blizzard

Metal Blizzard

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Metal Blizzard attacks the enemy

Metal Blizzard (メタルブリザード Metaru Burizādo?) is Milky Rose's upgraded version of Blizzard in the second half of the show when Natts is able to use the power of his Palmier crown. It requires the Milky Note and Milky Mirror fused with the Milky Palette. Natts calls for the power of Milky Rose and then the Milky Note appears, pressing together the buttons resembling a red and blue rose each. The Milky Note will then send out a blue rose to Milky Rose's Milky Palette. When the rose touches the Milky Palette, they fuse together and become the Milky Mirror. Milky Rose then repeats the way she used Blizzard except that the blue rose now has a more metal like appearance, being gray and reflecting.



Natts: ミルキィローズに力を、ミルキィミラー!
Milky Rose: 邪悪な力をつつみこむ、きらめくバラを咲かせましょう!ミルキィローズメタルブリザード!


Natts: Mirukī Rōzu ni chikara wo, Mirukī Mirā!
Milky Rose: Jaaku na chikara wo tsutsumikomu, kirameku bara wo sakasemashou! Mirukī Rōzu Metaru Burizādo!

Literal Translation

Natts: Power for Milky Rose, the Milky Mirror!
Milky Rose: Let burst the shining rose, and envelop the evil power! Milky Rose Metal Blizzard!


Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! - Milky Rose Metal Blizzard01:01

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! - Milky Rose Metal Blizzard



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