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Beat Sonic (ビートソニック Bīto Sonikku?) is a secondary attack of Cure Beat. It requires the Love Guitar Rod in its Guitar form and power of light blue-colored Fairy Tone Lary from Suite Pretty Cure♪.


To perform it, Beat creates the Love Guitar Rod in guitar form and uses Lary's power. She strums the heart-shaped piece in the Guitar that has the Suite Pretty Cure♪ Symbol in the center, and creates a circle of light purple notes that spin upward with the bottom part of each note turning into arrowhead-like projectiles.  The notes are then shot up into the sky, striking the target.



Cure Beat: ラブギターロッド!
Lary: ララ!
Cure Beat: ビートソニック


Cure Beat: Rabu Gitā Roddo!
Lary: Lala!
Cure Beat: Bīto Sonikku!

Literal Translation

Cure Beat: Love Guitar Rod!
Lary: Lala!
Cure Beat: Beat Sonic!



Beat Barrier00:35

Beat Barrier

Using Beat Sonic

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