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Aono Remi
青野レミ Aono Remi
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorLight Blue
Hair ColorBlue
RelativesAono Miki (daughter), Ichijo Kazuki (son),
Unnamed divorced ex-husband
First AppearanceFPC02
Japanese Voice ActorUran Sakiko

Aono Remi (青野レミ Aono Remi?) is Miki's mother who lives with Miki. When Miki was younger, her parents divorced, so her son Kazuki lives with her ex-husband.

Aono runs a nail and hair salon and was once a famous idol, which is probably where Miki obtains the desire to become a fashion model. She is shown to enjoy teasing Miki about small things and really likes to practice her hair dressing. In episode 17 she was concerned about Miki when she was taking care of Chiffon. A memory of Miki hiding from her mother was also shown in this episode.


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