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Akimoto Madoka
秋元まどか Akimoto Madoka
SeasonYes! Pretty Cure 5
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!
Eye ColorTurquoise
Hair ColorGreen
RelativesAkimoto Komachi (sister)
First AppearanceYPC516
Japanese Voice ActorNagano Ai

Akimoto Madoka (秋元まどか Akimoto Madoka?) is Komachi's elder sister, known to look very much like her to the point of confusion.


Like Komachi, she is kind and polite, but Komachi and Madoka are however different. Her sister usually calm and gentle but get sad easily if criticized, and Madoka is very confident and mature and seems to be optimistic. She seem to be more confident than Komachi but still they love each other.


When all Pretty Cures except Komachi were heading to Natts shop, they saw a female motorcyclist being scolded by Natts for the noise she is making with her Motorcycle. When she took off her helmet, the cures thought it was Komachi but discovered she was her sister, Madoka. Madoka came to Natts shop for a request from Komachi. She came to bring sweets for him. Then when she was about to leave, Nuts stopped and asked her if he could come with her to see Komachi. Later when they got there, Madoka came into her sister's room and said that Nuts is here and left the 2 alone. But then she heard some loud noise, worried it would bother the neighbors, she came into the room, but nobody was there anymore (because Komachi, Nuts and the gang are trapped in Komachi's book by Nightmare's). Then she saw everyone on the other side to the house and curious about how did they got over there.

In Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! it was discovered that she is an artist and goes to college. She gets to go to places while Komachi watch over the store.


Madoka is not much taller then her fifteen year old sister. She wears her grown hair styled as a "bob".



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