Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Nakajima Tomoko
Aoki Kumiko
Kosugi Yasuo
Satou Naoki
(佐藤 直紀)
3:29 Futari wa Pretty Cure Vocal Album DUAL VOCAL WAVE!! ~With Your Whole Smile~
Pretty Cure 5th ANNIVERSARY Pretty Cure Vocal Box 1 ~Chapter of Light~
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart Vocal Album 2 ~Words of love that start with "A"~
☆SHINING STAR☆ is an insert song used in Futari wa Pretty Cure, when the two heroines fought against the Evil King.


☆shining star☆
Kotae wa itsumo hāto ga oshiete kureru

Nē hitokiwa medatteru higashi no sora ni aru hoshi yori
Kurayami de futo tsukanda anata to kibō ga mabushī yo

Setsunakute itoshī sono mune no kodō

☆shining star☆
Me wo akenagara mitai yume ga aru
☆shining star☆
Kokoro no sora de dezain sareteru mirai
Puri Purikyua shinjitsu no kagi
Puri Purikyua doko wo sagasu no?
Inochi kagayake 2♡hearts!!

Nē don'na ni tsuyokute mo tachidomatte shimau hi mo aru
Hateshinai sono fuan to tatakau anata ga suki dakara

Ugokenai toki ni wa ugokanai yūki wo

☆shining star☆
Me wo tsubutte mo sanzen to hikatte iru
☆shining star☆
Kokoro no sora de kieru koto no nai bijon
Puri Purikyua shinpi no kagami
Puri Purikyua nani wo utsusu no
Yume yo habatake 2♡hearts!!

☆shining star☆
Doko wo mezashite hashiri tsudzukeru no!?
☆shining star☆
Kotae wa itsumo hāto ga oshiete kureru
Puri Purikyua kiseki no tobira
Puri Purikyua dare to hiraku no?
Ai wa makenai 2♡hearts!!

☆shining star☆

ねぇ ひときわ目立ってる東の空に在る星より
暗やみでふとつかんだ あなたと希望が眩しいよ

せつなくて愛しい その胸の鼓動

☆shining star☆
☆shining star☆
命輝け 2♡hearts!!

ねぇ どんなに強くても立ち止まってしまう日もある
果てしないその不安と 闘うあなたがすきだから

動けない時には 動かない勇気を

☆shining star☆
☆shining star☆
夢よ羽ばたけ 2♡hearts!!

☆shining star☆
☆shining star☆
プリプリキュア 奇跡の扉
プリプリキュア 誰と開くの?
愛は負けない 2♡hearts!!

Shining Star
Your heart will always provide the answer

You know this hope which you snatched from the darkness
Shines brighter than the star that stands out in the eastern sky

Even when you are lonely I will care for you with this heartbeat

☆shining star☆
This waking dream you wish to see
☆shining star☆
The future is being designed inside the expanse of your heart
Pretty Pretty Cure are the key of truth!
Pretty Pretty Cure where are you searching?
Make your lives shine with 2♡hearts!!

You know no matter how strong you are a day will come that stops you in your tracks
I love you because you'll fight through endless uncertainty

When it is the time to move go forward with courage

☆shining star☆
Even when you close your eyes there is a dazzling light
☆shining star☆
A vision that will never vanish from your heart
Pretty Pretty Cure is the mysterious mirror
Pretty Pretty Cure what is the reflection?
As you dream fly high with 2♡hearts!!

☆shining star☆
Where are you continuing to run toward!?
☆shining star☆
Your heart will always show you the answer
Pretty Pretty Cure is the doorway of miracles
Pretty Pretty Cure who will you open it with?
Love will never lose with 2♡hearts!!


Futari wa Pretty Cure Vocal Album 1 Track03-103:30

Futari wa Pretty Cure Vocal Album 1 Track03-1

Original version

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max♡Heart Vocal Album 2 Track10-003:29

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max♡Heart Vocal Album 2 Track10-0

Karaoke version

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