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Fanmade Yes Pretty Cure 5 story (#1) (READ COMMENTS FIRST)

???: My mother was anxious for dark power, but she held too much that she vanished. Now, I hold this dark power. Now, she returned to kill Pretty Cure. (Evil laugh). (Character breaks out of the mirror and appears to be Dark Cure Dream.


Urara: Nozomi! Wake up!

Rin Chan: Who are you, Sleeping Beauty?

Nozomi: (screams). I JUST HAD A NIGHTMARE!

Komachi: No worries, it's not real.

Nozomi: I feel like it is!

Karen: Let's get some breakfast, I made your favorite pancakes! (Everyone cheers but Nozomi).

As everyone leaves, Nozomi looks out the window.

Nozomi: I feel like I seen her...

Dark Cure Rouge appears hanging from her ceiling like a bat.

Dark Cure Rouge: Hello, Cure Dream, since your friends are eating yucky pancakes, I thought we could settle things.

Nozomi: Why!?

Dark Cure Rouge: My sister Dark Dream was defeated because of you!

Nozomi: I don't care! I'm going to show you what I got! (Reveals her watch hidden under her sleeve). Pretty Cure, metamorphosis!

Cure Dream: The great power of hope! I am... Cure Dream!

Dark Cure Rouge: Blah, blah, blah! You know you are boring, you know that?

Cure Dream: Just shut up already!

(Dark Cure Rouge takes herself and Cure Dream to a dark crystal arena).


Urara: Yum! These pancakes are delicious!

Karen: Thanks, I got help from my grandfather when I was six.

Komachi: Hey guys, where's Nozomi?

Back at the arena...

Cure Dream: (gets up shivering). W-why are you doing this?

Dark Cure Rouge: Because my sister Dark Cure Dream is the sweetest one, and it's because of you!

(A woman appears in the shadows).

To be countinued
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Homare Kagayaki
Your stories are so mysterious
If you followed what I said at the title, thanks! You may comment about like where's the pictures? The pictures aren't there because I want you guys to picture what's going on. Anyways, enjoy! 😉 (you do not have to read more if you read this one).
I will! Thanks for following what I said :)
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