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HUGtto Pretty Cure

What are your hopes for HUGtto Pretty Cure?
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Oh I don't work on that, I work on Book Creator cause I'm bad at writing
ok cool I'll admit I'm bad at writing as well iI mean I actually write as I'm thinking and I'll get my words mixed up and it's weird.( :
I think Hugtan was a pretty Cure. Remember that dream we saw?
I think I saw a spoiler of a fifth Cure
On YouTube if you but Precure Hugtto fourth or fifth Cure there are two videos of someone using the toy version of the Miari Heart or crystal and the names of the fourth and fifth Cure is Leaked
Hugtto precure is awesome u should watch it and the baby hugtan is so cute
Hey have any of you posted an video on YouTube
Yes but there bad because two of them starts the way that any recording does and I turned my phone around the video is sideways and I don’t know how to fix that and the other one is a slide show that my mom made. There photos of me and my cousin I’m the one in the brown hair and my cousin is the one in the blonde hair and my channel my is Hayley McCloughan
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