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Hi! So I was wondering what’s the difference between forums and discussions? (Yay i’m first hehehe)
Here's a good place to start. But the biggest advantage that Discussions has right now is that they are mobile friendly. We'll be adding more features to Discussions in the next year.
Why is Splendorius called trump kingdom?
NIuna10 Trump Kingdom is the orginal name, not that ''Splendorius'' thing what Saban make it call
It is VERY STUPID for a Japanese show to have a place called trump kingdom so i don't even care anymore because I know that it is stupid
Its called trump kingdom as in the trump card. But have your opinion~
@Alwaysmore2hear: Hello, I commented on some posts and realised that you can only edit your own comment. I read somewhere that the admin or the person who created this wiki page can delete them and so I was wondering if you could delete them if it is possible? Also, is it seemingly possible to delete your own comment or post if you just don’t want it there anymore?
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