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precure hugtto episode 45 christmas?

precure hugtto episode 42-45

want do good precure have christmas hugtto episode 45

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Cried Like An Idiot

Just watched ep. 40 and banged my head with tears. Hugtto is the third precure season that made me cry most of their episodes like Heartcatch and Go! Princess.

Even though Hugtto's pacing is bad with a lack of character development (because of Tsubota *takes knife out*), its storyline, change of twists, and maturity is what made me become a Hugtto fan. 10 more episodes left until it's over...
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What are the darkest Precure seasons?

Hey guys. I just wanna know what Precure seasons may have:

The darkest backgrounds
The darkest seasons
The darkest episodes
And the darkest moments
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Hugtan is Cure Tomorrow
Hugtan is Cure Tomorrow YouTube
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Is anybody up to a theory?

I have only one question:WHO THE FUCK IS SHE???
(Hugtto ep.40)
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Twilight for life
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My fan theory

All right, this one's far-fetched and probably won't happen. But with how HUGtto's been touching on dark material, it might just occur. Sure, it hasn't gotten Heartcatch dark, but HUGtto might just be saving itself for later.

My theory is that Hana dies at the end of the show.

In episodes 36 and 37, Dr. Traum was shown to be incredibly powerful. He controlled time and vast amounts of toge-power, and he could even become a planet-sized black hole. It took every Pretty Cure ever, plus a bunch of sidekicks, to purify him.

Now realize that despite Dr. Traum's massive power, he's not the boss of Criasu. George Kurai is, which implies that Kurai is even more powerful than Traum. Who's to say that George Kurai won't become the size of the universe, or trap the Cures in a time loop so they'll have to repeat the events of the show over and over again? Or something else even more horrible? And I doubt that the non-HUGtto Cures will be participating in the final fight of the show. The only people against this supermassive threat will be our five main Cures, plus Hugtan and Mother Heart.

Now, of course, the five will refuse to give up, especially Cure Yell. However, it won't be like before, where the Cures will be able to pull out an eleventh-hour powerup to handily do away with Kurai. Kurai's simply too powerful for that. The power required to defeat him will be so much that it would be fatal for at least one member. Cure Yell will volunteer to be that member because the others have dreams they're going after. Saaya has acting and being a doctor. Homare and Henri (who I assume will succeed Mother Heart) skate. Emiru and Ruru are idols. Harry runs a well-to-do fashion shop. And Hugtan's future is full of possibilities. All Hana can do is cheer, and that's hardly helpful sometimes.

So despite the others' horror at her self-sacrifice, Cure Yell will put her life energy into defeating Kurai. After the fight, the team will be relieved to find that a de-transformed Hana is somehow still breathing. A year after the final battle, we see how everyone has become much better, except for the fact that they still miss Hana, who remains in a coma. Eventually, Hana's friends get a text message saying that Hana's family has decided to pull the plug, seeing as she isn't going to wake up at this rate. The team (especially Saaya the doctor-in-training) wracks their brains to find out what to do, but ultimately, they can only watch as their friend and leader dies. It's heart-wrenching and horrifying, but the team must learn to face the future with all their might, even without the good parts of the past.

As I said, probably won't happen. But who can be sure just yet?

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Funny 😁

When you find out that precure is over for good
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Why does everyone hate ace as a character. She’s my second favourite and isn’t that bad
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Ep. 42's Foreshadowing Theory

*sigh* Me and my theories. *points gun to my head*

Last post I was having my MECHOKU moment with the title of episode 42 (because I'm an idiot) but that made me thought of a theory and wanted to share it.

WARNING! it will be long.

So before knowing about ep. 42's summary, I thought it was going to be a Hana episode, that's when I learned it isn't. One of the admins, who read the episode's summary, said it is going to be a Homare/Henri episode about figure skating. This could be Henri's ankle and his thoughts of joining Criasu, and it could lead to Homare trying to help him face his darkness.

So you may ask, why does this have something to do with Hana? I don't know if you notice (or if you get me) but right now, we will be getting an episode of each cures in order from the ones who became cures last to the one who became cures first. This week, we'll be getting a Lulu centered episode. After this, it will be Emiru's turn in ep. 41. Now by learning ep. 42 is a Homare centered episode. And I bet ep. 43 is going to be about Saaya's. And who's the last one, Hana. Don't believe me, read the new episode titles.

Just to remind you, we still don't know the reason of George's obsession with Hana despite the possibilities. One of the words in ep. 42's title is "Yell's Switch Off," and one of its definitions is not good. The first one is "disconnect or stop" while the other is "stop worrying or stop paying attention." This could indicate that Hana will sense something, that she probably feels her cheering isn't helping anyone whereas she'll get tired of trying, that includes her dreams, people that she loved and knew, and herself even. We won't see her be on despair fully but seeing hints of her becoming deppressed throughout each episode.

Here is what I feel what Hana's emotions are going to be like.
Ep. 40) She won't feel depressed or something dark in her mind. She will be the usual Hana as we know, happy, confident, and comedic. So nothing will happen to her.
Ep. 41) Hana is still herself but there will be a tiny hint of her thinking her cheer isn't working. Yet, she still smiles thinking everything is alright.
Ep. 42) This is where she begins showing a few more hints of her low self-esteem. There will probably be a part that she tries to cheer Henri but it didn't work, which is probably up to Homare cheering for him, leading her wondering if her cheering really does help anyone.
Ep. 43) Again, this probably going be a Saaya episode where she's nervous her mom's reaction when she tells her true goal of becoming a nurse. Maybe Hana or her friends encourage Saaya to tell her mother. This may seem like a happy episode but maybe in the last scene, it shows Hana being happy for Saaya but will look down with her eyes furrowed saying "You found your dream, that's... Great..." Eventually her mind will go back when she hears anyone's voice and pretends everything is okay, as usual...
Ep. 44) This is where we will see Hana in full despair, and will be creating toge-pawawa on herself with not even realising. She will stop believing in herself and think she's not ready for the future because of her unknown dream. And in this episode, George will see her with toge-pawawa, reveal what he wants from her in his plan, and knows it's his turn to take action. They will both have a small fight as George manipulates Cure Yell, causing her to be more saddened.

Sadly, I don't know if she will be restored in her episode (ep. 44) or in the next one (ep. 45). But what I'm trying to say is episode 42 could be a foreshadowing of Hana's toge-pawawa and George's true plan. Do you think there's some things in my theory that could be possible in the future, or do you disagree some of it?
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Precure stars twinkle new

Wow l like Precure good news

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Precure all stars memories

Cure yell and cure black pink girl good or bad monster fight Precure helps wow friend!!!!!!!😊

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Bye everyone _

I'm quitting I feel like I don't belong here
Bye guys ill miss u
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Which Pretty Cure series should I make my own novel or comic adaptation of?

  • Yes! Pretty Cure 5
  • Suite Pretty Cure♪
  • Doki Doki! Pretty Cure
  • Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
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