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You know what would be cool lego glitter force sets.

I mean think about it all that lego would have to do is get a deal with hasbro then make the sets and put them on store shelves. I mean they already made exoforce in 2006 so it isn't like they would have to make any new anime like prints. Just imajene going to the lego Isle of you're local tesco or target or wherever you live and seeing on the shelves glitter force themed sets wouldn't that just be great. Ah one can dream.

Would you like lego to make glitter force sets?
  • Yes pleas do it now please lego
  • No glitter force does not deserve any merch at all
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Glitter Force SDC: Smile Pretty Cure! the Movie Pretty Cure Wiki
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Episode 36 of the Smile Pretty Cure!/Glitter Force sub/dub comparison is up!

This is the LAST episode to be omitted from Glitter Force!

Glitter Force SDC: Episode 36 (Sub)
Glitter Force SDC: Episode 36 (Sub) Pretty Cure Wiki
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Episode 35->28 of the Smile Pretty Cure!/Glitter Force sub/dub comparison is up!

This is the one episode that is better dubbed than subbed.

Glitter Force SDC: Episode 35 (Sub), 28 (Dub)
Glitter Force SDC: Episode 35 (Sub), 28 (Dub) Pretty Cure Wiki
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Does anyone actually know if the sh figuarts cure miracle got released? There are pictures of her but frankly I’m not sure
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Thanks for the early recognission!

I just made an account yesterday and almost instantly got recognised thanks guys!

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Does any of you have friends made name??

If you have then

What does your friends call you with love??

My friend call me tons of thing even teachers does ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆💓💓💓💓
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Bandai is making hugtto precure. I think there doing all the cures but I definitely know that there doing cure yell.
Product List of Pretty Cure Series | soul web
Product List of Pretty Cure Series | soul web 魂ウェブ
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Precure 5 Smile Go Go (full English lyrics)

1 2 3 4 Pretty Cure! 5!

Pretty Cu Cu Cu Cure Everybody Yes! Fight
Get excited and smile widely go go!
(Pretty Cure!~ Yes - Pre - tty - Cu - re - 5!)

When you grow up what do you want to be
(What - will - you -will - you - be)
When you grow up what do you want to be
(I - want - to - do - everything)

These problematic tears will not disappear
So I will erase them with the eraser of my heart

Metamorphose! (Go!)

We were born for the sake of dreams (1 2 3 4 5)
Fly away and do your best girls (5 4 3 2 1)
It’s not for winning or losing but for the future
We will paint tomorrow
from being a pinch (Go!) to getting a chance (Go Go!)
Be tough and transform!

Pretty Cu Cu Cu Cure
1 2 3 4 5 Peace! Yes!
Your friends came with a hello and helped you
1 2 3 4 Pretty Cure! 5!

We are best friends with different personalities
(Such - different - personalities)
We get along well even though we are different
(Perfectly - different)

There are times when we fight too
but we are all optimistic and innocent

Girl meets friends!

We met for the sake of believing (1 2 3 4 5)
to be able to forgive the novice (5 4 3 2 1)
We will drive away with discouraging feelings
with our smiles
Precious (Go!) Friends (Go Go!)
Communicate telepathically

Pretty Cu Cu Cu Cure Everybody! Yes! Don’t mind
Pretty Cu Cu Cu Cure 1 2 3 4 5 Pose! (Go!)
Get excited and burst into laughter smile go go!

Dramatic colors start on the next pure white page


We were raised to love (1 2 3 4 5)
Powerful, beauty becomes strong (5 4 3 2 1)
It is not enough to just be cute
so dive into your dreams
from a hint (Go!) is a chance (Go Go!)
Be tough and advance
from a hint (Go!) is a chance (Go Go!)
Communicate telepathically

Pretty Cu Cu Cu Cure Everybody! Yes! Hustle
Get excited and smirk a smile go go
1 2 3 4 Pretty Cure! 5!
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Who here wants glitter force kira kira to happen?

There is some fake news about glitter force kira kira lying around and I want to turn that fake news into real news with you guyses help.

Do you?
  • Yes I pray to loopy every night
  • No glitter force deserves to end with doki doki
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Hugtto Precure Movie

If you want to see Hugtto Precure Movie seaech on YouTube channel called Purikyun.
Open Community section and click the link there
Sorry very much for the bad picture
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Family Photos

Heartcatch Precure Episode 13
Kira kira a la mode precure Cure Episode 31
Yuri (Cure Moonlight) remember her father 💜🌼🌚🍀🌛
Ichika (Cure Whip) remember her mother 💖🐇🐰🍰💗
Episodes numbers are opposite
Which one is the best in your opinion ?
I love both of them soooooooooooooo much
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I’m making a story so if you want to see it stay tuned. This is the beginning
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Thanks anime

I downloaded the app Gacha studio and its pretty good. My first scene is with dark precure and cure sunshine( yes I’m aware that her name is eve)
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Ok even though I hate this ship there’s some gods amvs out there.
Aoki Reika x Joker | E.T. | Smile Precure/Glitter Force
Aoki Reika x Joker | E.T. | Smile Precure/Glitter Force YouTube
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Precure colors

So each Precure has a main color, right. Well I’m here to categorize those colors.

PINK CURES: Pink Cures are the happy, excited ones, basically born to make friends. Not much character development either. A good example would be Cure Happy. I mean come on, even happy’s in her Cure name! She’s always bouncy and excited! Even in the Glitter Force! Another example would be Megumi, Mirai, Ichika, Hana, and I think Hikaru will be too! Their powers are usually the power of love...or something pink. Usually a laser. They also tend to be...not so good in academics.


RED CURES: Red cures usually are the tomboys, sporty, or serious ones. Like Rin and Akane. Sporty and kinda tomboyish. Some have character development. They usually have the power of fire. Or lasers. Ace has love (I guess). They are also usually the second best fighters on the team if they have purple on the team.


YELLOW CURES: Yellow cures are mixed in with orange cures, like Muse and Rosetta. Sunny is red because there’s already Peace. Anyways, yellow cures are usually the cutesy ones, and maybe even the youngest. I think they have a fair amount of character development. A good example is Peace, shy, cute...yadayada. They usually are the weakest on the team. And the powers? They vary each season. Sunshine, Sun, Peace, Lightning, Rosetta, Defense, Custard, Sweets.

YELLOW CURE EXCEPTIONS: Sunshine, Twinkle, Etolie, What looks like Soelil (Maybes: Muse, Rosetta, Honey)

GREEN PRECURES: There’s not much of them. Mint is soft, March is a tomboy, Ha is soft, and Idk about Parfait. They all have nature except Parfait.

I’ll do a part 2 tomorrow, as well as Yes! Precure 5’s English opening.
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My fan theory

Is that the fifth Pretty Cure in Star Twinkle Pretty Cure will be the black Celestial Princess, Ophiuchus.

Here's how my story goes: Ophiuchus is a Celestial Princess just like the others. She takes the form of a lamia; her upper half is human, and her bottom half is a black snake. As a young child, she was kidnapped by the Knot Raiders so that the Celestial Princesses could never achieve their full power. Under them, Ophiuchus grew up to be a villain. The Knot Raiders didn't want her knowing that she was a Celestial Princess, so they sealed her into a less powerful form: a human girl named Chloe. (This is a pun on the Japanese word for black, "kuroi", which is pronounced like the name Chloe but with an r instead of an l.)

Later in the series, she undergoes a conversion to the good side. The spell the Knot Raiders put on her is too strong for Chloe to return to her Celestial Princess form, but in the meantime, she is able to transform into a new Pretty Cure: the Pretty Cure of Darkness, Cure Clara. (Clara is Latin for "bright". I chose this name because the darkness of space allows the stars to shine that much brighter.) Cure Clara has a unique solo "attack": instead of hurting or purifying the target, it makes the target stronger. When Clara aims it at her allies, it powers them up.

At the end of the series, Chloe is finally able to awaken as Princess Ophiuchus. With her power combined with the other Celestial Princesses, Pretty Cure has a last-minute power up necessary to defeat the main villain.

I hope at least a bit of this theory is true! What do you think?

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Chibi precure
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